The College Climate Coalition is a nationwide coalition of university climate justice campaigns!


Our mission

The College Climate Coalition strives to leverage student power and privilege to employ a variety of tactics with the goal of achieving climate justice. We recognize the intersectionality of environmental injustice and other systems of oppression, and we aim to work as a united front to dismantle these systems both within our universities and beyond.


Our Vision

We envision a world where greed does not trump empathy. Where money doesn’t hold power over the government. Where no one is one emergency away from financial disaster. Where communities are safe and habitable for the people within them. Where institutions are held accountable to the needs of the public. Where Indigenous peoples have governance over their native land and their leadership is acknowledged and respected. Where we will achieve our collective liberation. We envision a just world.

What we do

At CCC we organize with college and university divestment groups, Sunrise hubs, and climate justice groups to foster community and mobilize college students across the country. We value collective education, resource sharing, and mass escalation. 


What we offer

CCC offers a sense of community. We all share resources, knowledge, and strategies to help our campaigns become stronger. As a member of CCC you can meet with other schools in your geographical region to strategize join actions or meet with campaigns who have won divestment and are working towards reinvestment. We recognize that new spaces can be overwhelming and difficult to tap into at times. In order to make our coalition as accessible as possible, we offer onboarding 1:1's with people and are always willing to help settle people into our space. 


In addition to general body meetings each week, there are plenty of working groups and channels within our slack. You will surely be able to find a space where your talents and interests align with other members. We value collective liberation and are not looking for merely transactional relationships rather a place to build community and push for a better future with our voices as college students.

Image courtesy of Fossil Free Penn